Sunday, January 27, 2008

About Step Over step, mile over mile blog

Before I post anything I wanted to give you a little background on the author "Doc". I am a new runner. Meaning I've never run anything since High School sprints (and my last track meet was in 1996). Doing any running of distance is new to my body and mind. So I'm training for the Country Music Marathon on April 26th 2008. Before I went into training I weighed around 213 lbs and am 5'11, and I ran a 15:10 mile. As I've progressed the first two months were a bit rough, lots of being sore. My mile time in December (1 month into my training) during a 4 mile run went to 12:36. My second race (5 miler) my mile time now stand at 10:54. Subtly making improvements. At present I'm down to 205 lbs.

This blog will host to the struggles and successes that a newbie runner would face. Well at least that I will face. I will analyze certain aspects of my running and if enough people start posting questions, I will respond to those either in blogs or from the post section of this blog.

Happy running and happy readings.

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