Sunday, June 1, 2008

Second Time Around Is Harder Than The First

Hi Everyone,

Miss the blog? If you have you are in luck. I'm back. So it's been just over a month since my last post. I've started training for my second marathon, this time in SF for the Nike Women's Marathon on October 19th. I have to admit I took a week off and then started back into training. Thus far it's been frustrating. I've only been able to run between 4-6 miles. My legs feel like weights and it's humid out now. It's amazing how the conditions can make this more difficult than the first time around. I'm working on resting my legs as much as possible and I have plenty of time to get them back however it's frustrating all the same.

They say to allow yourself 1 day of rest per every mile you run. So 26.2 miles=26/27 days off. I gave myself 10 days. Yeah.

So give yourself sometime, let your body heal and then lace it up. That doesn't mean by the way you can't run during that time, it should be shorter runs however.

So there you go. A quick update! Just keep on running!