Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Running Blog: Part Three of Three: Next??

Ok sorry it took forever to post this. Been doing a lot of stuff actually. Working on my thank video to my donors for SF. This really encompasses my entire reason for running. Listen closley, and pay attention! =o)

My running will always be important to me, it's the moment I feel the most free and able to do anything. I know I am not the fastest runner, but I run. For me. Next year I am going to attempt something quasi extreme. Two marathon in roughly 27 days. I've decided to do Rock and Roll SD and Rock and Roll Seattle. SD is May 31st, Seattle (also an excuse for a trip home) is June 27th I realize I may not be able to fully run the second one but that's ok. I'm going to try to. You can't accomplish anything unless you put yourself out there. So I am, step over step, mile after mile. It's the only way to right?

I also want to do the NYC marathon. Got to watch that for the first time as a runner and I realized how much I really want to do one here. One at my old home and one in my new home. I entered the lottery this year but got rejected however if you get rejected three years in a row they let you in the fourth year. So this will be attempt number two. =o) We'll see what happens, for now I'm laying low and about to get back into some running, light small runs. I'm getting ansy so I need to move along.

Here's one of the phoots from SF: